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Queen Victoria Hospital

The Blond McIndoe Research Foundation is located on the site of the Queen Victoria Hospital and the on-site Burns Centre is a key clinical partner. We have a long history of working with clinicians at QVH to translate and develop techniques and technologies to improve the treatment of patients. In addition, we are working with the surgeons in the Melanoma and Skin Care Unit (MASCU) on a collaborative project on malignant melanoma detection and molecular biology.

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McIndoe Surgical

McIndoe Surgical Centre is a private hospital specialising in plastic and reconstructive surgery. They are delighted to assist the valuable work of the Blond McIndoe Research Foundation by providing tissue from their routine procedures for our research programmes. Their hospital can be found sharing the same site as that of Blonde McIndoe and the Queen Victoria Hospital.

University of Brighton logo

University of Brighton

The University of Brighton are an important partner and our scientists collaborate closely with their academics to develop new materials for wound repair and soft tissue reconstruction. In addition, the University’s high cost, specialist equipment and facilities such as scanning electron and confocal microscopes are utilised by our scientists to enhance our research.

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Brighton and Sussex Medical School

The Blond McIndoe Research Foundation (BSMS) have forged strong links with Dr Sarah Newbury at BSMS through a collaborative project which seeks to identify the molecular mechanisms that contribute to the formation and progression of malignant melanoma. In addition, medical students from BSMS have the opportunity to undertake their independent research project at the Blond McIndoe Research Foundation on projects related to our core interests.

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Imperial College

Significant links have been forged with Prof Molly Stevens at Imperial College on a number of projects related to the development of new materials with a nanostructure optimised to bring about rapid and effective wound repair.

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University College London

The group of Prof. Robert Brown at the Tissue Repair and Engineering Centre (TREC) are collaborators on projects developing novel materials and methods for transplanting skin cells to improve wound healing in severe burns.


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