Peter Blond

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Son of Neville Blond OBE, Peter now heads the line of Blond family support for Blond McIndoe.

Peter has a long standing association with motorsport, most notably racing various iconic Jaguars through the 1950s, competing at Le Mans in 1959 and regularly frequenting the challenging Goodwood circuit.

In 2006 he took part in the Louis Vuitton Boheme Run from Budapest to Prague in a 1931 Rolls Royce raising over £31,000 for Blond McIndoe and in 2011 Peter raised over £50,000 for us.

In 2012 Peter addressed the audience of the Blond McIndoe Award for Overcoming Adversity and reminded them of the important work carrried out by Sir Archibald, his father Neville and stepmother Elaine.

'My father and my step mother made a pretty formidable couple! Just before war was declared, Elaine had proved herself with the organization of Kinder Transport bringing 10 thousand Jewish children out of Berlin to London over 10 weeks, where hostels and care were organized by her amazing committee. Virginia and I went to Buckingham Palace after the war where she was decorated by the Queen.

But it was Archie McIndoe who really inspired them throughout the war, and following his death in 1960 they vowed to create the finest burns unit in Europe in his name. The McIndoe Burns Unit was opened in 1963 designed, built and equipped by the family and given to the NHS to run at a cost of some £300,000.

Before he died however Archie had stressed to my father the need to develop research going beyond the routines that he’s so successfully developed during the war – to progress science into micro-surgery, stem cell development for skin, eye surgery and much more hence Blond McIndoe Research Foundation was opened in 1961.

What has been rewarding for both original families is the continuity of interest and commitment of the next generation.  Archie’s daughter Vanora adored her ‘pigs’ as she called them, worked tirelessly for the RAF benevolent fund and chaired Blond McIndoe, she was awarded MBE for her efforts, she really was a wonder. Her children Nicholas and Lolly are still connected with the centre, as are Adonia's.

My late dear step-sister Simone, Elaine’s younger daughter who died so recently also chaired Blond McIndoe for many years with both style and distinction.  I well remember my first committee meeting when we were about to have a film presentation. ‘Peter’ said Elaine – I stiffened in the anticipation of being asked my views on an important point ‘you may draw the curtains!’

I suppose it was a start, it is also true to say, you never stop attempting to prove yourself in the eyes of your parents long after they have gone'.

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